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smEll thE FlowErs造句

感官动词的smell造句Can a bee smell? 蜜蜂有嗅觉吗? I have a cold,I cannot smell. 我感冒了,闻不出味道来。 The egg smells. 这

Smelltheflowersbeforeyougotosleep,andyoumayjustCend up with是短语介系词动词,表示结束,强调结果,smell the flowers这个短语,可以表示轻松一

摸起来看起来..造句比如:ThesefruitssmellThe flowers smell sweet.The music sounds sweet.The apples taste very good.The silk feels very

走遍美国中smell the flowers.是什么意思回答:smell the flowers 放松一下,休息一会儿

Theflowers__(smell)sweetwereplantedbymymom.请详细smelling因为谓语是were planted,smell 在这里只能是作定语的了,注意smell是系动词,没有被动式

以英文故事叙述smell the flowers一文~You are working too hard, trying to do your best. You need a vacation. You've got to take time to rest.

smell alotof flowers英语翻译……theflowerssmellverygood.Alotofflowersbegintogrow.thegrassheldthereheadup.Theflowersdressnewandcolourfulclothes.Everythinggivesus

The flowers smell (good/well)The flowers smell good.这些花闻起来很香。 这个句子是系表结构,smell是连系动词,形容词good作表语。 well既是副词

smell flower除了闻花外还有什么意思?stop to smell the flower 偶尔停下工作来闻闻花香 表示轻松一下

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