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things went well and the future looked promising. However, a short time before we met, online brokerage firms started to appear. Several of this man's clients left him, preferring to do their business with low-

group /rup/ CET4 TEM4 (grouping,grouped,groups)1.N-COUNT-COLL A group of people or things is a number of people or things that are together in one place at one time. 群例:The trouble involved a small group of football fans.那次骚乱涉及

in this promising market. The firm hopes that others in the industry(volunteer programmers, media firms and hardware makers)will take the code, called Helix DNA, improve it and make it run on new devices,

[图文] -technology firms in its San Diego County. The reverse-osmosis (RO) spiral module, the technique that D.It is a promising water treatment technology welcomed by a lot of people. 小题2:How many solutions

[图文] warning family, hospitals and security firms if it perceives (觉察) a problem. It will, for example, call B. The robot is likely to have a promising market. C. The robot has given the Japanese a chance to


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