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be popular with

be popular with 1. The reporter is popular with his audience. 这个报告者很受听众的欢迎。 2. She's a lively child and popular with everyone. 她是个活泼的孩子, 大家都喜欢她. 3. Baker's act was certainly very popular with the audi...

become popular 流行起来,变得受欢迎 同义词组: be popular 例句: The concept would surely be popular with consumers. 这种理念很有可能在消费者中流行。

1. popular music: 流行音乐;通俗音乐; 风行音乐;流行歌曲 2. popular edition: 普及版;遍及版;普 及本 3. Popular Photography: 大众摄影;大众 摄影与图片;大众摄影杂志 4. Popular Art: 玻儿;大众艺术;流行艺 术;波普艺术 5. popula...

become popular_百度翻译 become popular 网络 受欢迎; 变得流行; 走红; [例句]Despite its demonstrable speed and safety, the boat failed to become popular. 虽然其速度和安全性都可得到证明,但这种船还是不受欢迎。

put on 穿上put off 脱掉put away 收起来put up 粘贴


您好,爱应用雪歌为您解答: Do you want to be the most popular person in the class? You don’t need to change your character; you just need to improve your personality. The most popular people are trusted (信任) and loved because...

举例: 1.break down (stop functioning 坏了,不好使了) That old Jeep had a tendency to break down just when I needed it the most. 2.catch on (become popular 出名) Popular songs seem to catch on in California first and then spread...


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