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Sep 1st is the day we come back to school to greet the new year. During the long holiday I feel a bit lazy. Sometimes I played computer games or watched TV programs all day and became a couch potato. But now I need to put myself together to get

Get ready for meet school year As time goes by ,the new school year is coming.So the plan for the new school year is very important.Before the day come,I will bought what I need in the study.And I will make sure that I finish my homework

应该是go to才是吧?


get ready for a new school life为新的学校生活做好准备get ready for英 [et redi f:] 美 [t rdi fr] 为…做准备;为……准备好;为……作准备双语例句 1It took her a long time to get ready for church. 她花了很长时间才做好去教堂的准备.2I suggest you get ready for my hammer! 我猜你准备好尝尝我的锤子了.


get ready for =be ready for get在这里是系词,be强调的是已经准备好的的状态,get则注重准备好的过程.

I get ready for school.为你解答,如有帮助请采纳,如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

get ready to 是指准备好了. Eg:We get ready to this party. 这个party的准备我们做好了此外 get ready to 还有“愿意 / 准备做某事”的意思对于英语句子的理解 很多时候要根据上下文的理解 we get ready to have a picnic 你可以翻译成“我们愿意”也可以翻译成“我们准备” 这就要根据上下文的具体语境和说话人的口气 get ready to 的to是动词不定式的to 所以其后要跟动词原型


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