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rep专辑里面的d开头的Don't Blame MeDressDelicateDancing with Our Hands Tiedts3里面的dear john自己听

不可不听的30首2008年流行曲 很好听哦 1)Avril-girlfriend: Avril在中国的名气还是不小的,今年到处都在放girlfriend你要说你没听过我也没话说 2)Ne yo-Because Of You: Neyo在So Sick之后的节奏感相当强的美声说唱 3)Akon-Sorry,

推荐 超赞的劲歌千万要下来听或, 真的很好听lucky 强力推荐, 保证首首经典:保你会喜欢 i'm gonna getcha good!--shania twain超棒节奏 don't push me --sweet box 糖果盒子佳音 one more time--jewelry(首尔中国广告曲,LG广告曲 超棒) i'm

以下是我的翻译:It's hard to hear you through the awkward silence, cuz 很难听到你尴尬的沉默 It's doesn't happen often 因为这不经常发生 Guess you're busy everyday 我想你肯定每天都很忙 I woke up feeling sick about the way we've been for days

我比较喜欢 萤火虫之舞

Corinne Bailey Rae (肯妮贝儿) - Trouble Sleeping (辗转难眠)It's late and I'm feeling so tiredHaving trouble sleepingThis constant compromiseBetween thinking and breathingCould it be I'm sufferingBecause I'll never give inWon't say that I'm

once upon a time 在很久很久之前 a few mistakes ago 当一切都是无容置疑的时候 i was in your sights 我在你的视线里 you got me alone 只身一人 you found me you found me, you found me 你寻寻觅觅地找到了我,是的,你找到了我 i guess you

推荐几首英文歌给你 都是个人珍藏 Tower -- Vienna Teng Everything But The Girl -- Darin Ocean Deep -- Cliff Richard You Love Me -- Diana Ross~ Here I Am -- Leona Lewis We Are Broken -- Paramore Love To Be Loved By You -- Marc Terenzi



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