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DiDn't usE to Do sth造句三个,谢谢!

I didn't use to go home on footI didn't use to go home by busI didn't use to go home by taxi

You did not use it to cut the apple

I use pencil to finish my homework.

Don't forget to close the window when you leave home 你离开房间时,请别忘了关窗户!

can't be used to do anything else. 不能用来做些其他甚麽。 Computers can be used to do many things. 电脑可用来做许多事。 This can later be used to do load balancing. 这个以后用来做负载平衡。 Computers can be used to do a lot of ...

to do sth造句: Digital products require humans to do the heavy lifting 数字产品需要人来完成大量工作 解析: 句子是语言运用的基本单位,它由词或词组构成,能表达一个完整的意思

1、be used to doing I am used to staying late into night. 我习惯于熬夜。 Are you used to staying alone at home . 你习惯一个人待在家吗? What is he used to doing? 他惯于干什么? He was used to smoking, wasn't he? 他养成了吸烟的...

remember to do sth 英[riˈmembə tu: du:] 美[rɪˈmɛmbɚ tu du] [词典] 记得要做某事; [造句]Joan: I will try to remember to do that for you. 琼:我会设法记得提醒你。 Remember to do this for all execution...

I forget to do my homework.我忘记做我的作业了。 He forget to reading English.他忘记了读英语。 Pat forget to bring her umbrella,帕特忘记了把她的伞带来。 [如果错了请原谅啊!]



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