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be determined by是什么意思be determined by 由…所决定; 例句: 1. Chinese central banker zhou xiaochuan said both the u. s.and china

determine的用法determine [di'tə:min] vt. 1. 最后解决(争端、争执、问题等);决定: He determined that he would travel

determined 是什么意思回答:determined英音:[di'tə:mind]美音:[dɪ'tɝmɪnd] 词典解释 determined 形容词 a. 1. 已下决心

Thewarmthof_sweaterwillofcoursebedeterminedbytheC不填,the 是对的.第一个空,sweater表示泛指,泛指“毛衣”,所以不用冠词;第二个空特指,

be decided by同义词请写三个回答:be determined by sth depend(s) on sth be resolved

will of course be determined by the sort of ___wooB 试题分析:句意:毛衣的温暖程度是由它是用哪种毛做的。这里因为sweater是可数名词的单数形式,故用定冠词表示一类;第

character isn't determined by how he or she enjoys一个人的性格如何不会取决于他或她如何享受成功,而是他或她怎么忍受失败的 这里character可以理解为 性格 特质 希望对你

is determined by 相近短语is determined by 相近短语 参考答案: is decided by 由决定

are determined by slope and structure什么意思are determined by slope and structure 通过边坡及结构确定 例句: 1. We already know that living systems are

be decided by同义词请写三个be determined bysth depend(s) on sthbe resolved


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