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【defendfrom和defendagainst后面接什么词有区别吗defend from 接的施加伤害defend against 接施加伤害的来源defend from enemy's attackdefend

defend…from这类提问prevent, from是防止受到的侵害 stop, from 是阻止某事 keep, from 是保持 defend, from 是防卫 其实4个词的意思

defend against 和defendfrom有什么区别吗?_百度一、意思不同 1、defend against:防御,抵抗。 例句:The sentry defended the gate against

求高人指点defend……from 和insure……against的区别选A.这种题又是很搞人的.defend后面可以接from或against; 而insure后面可以跟against,意思都

defend against 和from 的区别defend against和defend from的区别为:意思不同、用法不同、侧重点不同。 一、意思不同 1.

defendagainst和defendfrom有什么区别吗?defend from 接的施加伤害defend against 接施加伤害的来源defend from enemy's attackdefend


defend from 造句回答:The government have took something to defend our country from the virus

defend from和defend against 后面接什么词有区别吗_百度知defend from 接的施加伤害 defend against 接施加伤害的来源 defend from enemy's attack defend against enemy 其实两个

defendfrom和defendagainst区别回答:defendagainst保卫,抵抗 defendfrom保护,保卫(不受伤害)

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