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computer programmerun.计算机程序员;计算机程序设计员;计算机程设计员电脑程序员;电脑程序设计人;电脑程序设计师例句1.Looking for a position as a computer programmer with a medium-sized firm.谋求一家中型公司的计算机程序员职

computer programmer 英[kmpju:t prgrm] 美[kmpjut prorm] 计算机程序设计器 [例句]Scraping itself isn 't difficult : nearly any talented computer programmer can do it.信息搜集本身并不难:几乎任何有能力的计算机程序员都做得到.

computer programmer 英 [kmpju:t prgrm] 美 [kmpjut prorm] 计算机程序设计器


I"m going to be a computer programmer This is my dream jobI' love computer very muchI'm a high school student nowwhen i finish high school i want live in an apartmentThen,i'll work for a computer company2years later,maybe i won't work for the

e799bee5baa631333231613937why do so many people want to be computer programmer?Just for high pay or really have an interest in computer software? If you belong to the former,please don't consider it.As i know,this work is a hard work.

computer programmer 英[kmpju:t prgrm] 美[kmpjut prorm] [词典]计算机程序设计器; [例句]Mike found a challenging job as a computer programmer迈克找到一份做计算机程序员的富有挑战性的工作.

Are you a computer programmer?*一般疑问句的改法:be动词、助动词、情态动词提到句首、若是实义动词、改为相应的助动词结构:谓语+主语+其他 ?*特殊:谓语为I 改为 you,am 改为 are

appointed as 任命,委派选为满意答案哦


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