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compromise over妥协过例句:1.While the u.s. and china seem to have by and large reached a compromise over navaloperations in the western pacific, american military leaders remain concerned aboutchina's buildup. 尽管美中两国似乎已经大体上就西太平洋的海上演习问题达成妥协,但美国军方领导人仍然对中国的军力增长感到担忧.


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What is the compromise?When you have different opinions about something,you each give way a little.you take the middle course.That is compromise . In real life,there are a lot about the phenomenon of compromise.I remember when I took our first


他的报告持续了一个多小时. 在这里是做持续的意思,做动词.over 是副词 副词修饰动词 last 用法: a. 最后的,末尾的,最近的,晚了,迟到了 v. 持续,支持,维持 ad. 最后,后来 n.最后, 末尾, 临终, 鞋楦头 Examples: 1. He was the last


请采纳 ! ~~Sever every tie, untangle every lieYour words don't mean anything anymore noNever satisfied but I'll compromise myself for youAnymore anymore noYour so complicated I'm so over itDon't tell me that everything is all right(I know you

与某人和解 网络 make peace with sb; make peace with 与某人和解 make peace with sb 与某人和解 compromise with sb 与某人和解 reconciliation with sb.


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