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一首英文歌开头是onE two onEtwothrEE

这首歌应该是Plain White T's (白T恤)演唱的《1, 2, 3, 4 》 在这首歌的开头有 one two one two three four,但是在歌词中并没有写出来 这首歌的歌词为 Give me more lovin then I've ever had Make it all better when i'm feelin sad Tell me ...

觉得描述的和Back at one真的很像 特别这段很符合 One, you're like a dream come true Two, just wanna be with you Three, girl it's plain to see That you're the only one for me and Four, repeat steps one through three Five, make you...

我知道 How to love 你去看看是不是 我昨天也是在找这首歌找了很久

我想应该是 creepin`up on you (情不自禁爱上你 ) ---- 戴伦·海斯

Chandelier--Sia 歌词应该是123,123drink。。。

Flying Steps-we are electric

是不是darren hayes唱的creepin up on you? (前面就有one two..one two three) Creepin' up on you is the wrong thing to do I found your address and got your phone number too Visit all the stores where you buy all your clothes Been t...

My Last Serenade Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm (4x) Don’t be surprised That these are my last words My last hour of my last day I’ve taken all the sorrow I can bear you And now I think I’ll turn Turn and walk away As wipe cause the tears a...

Brian Mcknight - Back At One ?

在网易云音乐上搜这个one two shelfer就出来了


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