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英文 Midnight, you come and pick me up No head lights Long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise Fading off you, oh, it's been a while since I have even heard from you I should just tell you to leave 'cause I Know exactly where it leads but I

Style wildest dreams back to December How you Get the Girl I knew you were trouble you are not sorry enchanted ALL you Had to Do Was Stay red

shake it off style blank space wildest dreams 没听过五首打单 前阵子刚确认野梦是四单呢

专业霉粉来回答啦!!咳咳还有love story《mv很赞》我认识霉霉也是因为这首歌 speak now 很俏皮的styledear john啦 sparks fly啦 our song(这个小清新诶)啦 back to decemberbegin again ~ long live ~state of grace ~`stay stay stay ~innocent ~fearless新专就有we are never ever getting back together 啦(俗称的长长长)还有好多你可以搜她每一张专辑听下哦~~~她总的来说有四张专辑 (不算演唱会之类的)

我也bai很喜欢她的歌du,分享一zhi些我dao喜欢内的歌的名容字吧Tim Mcgraw Picture To Burn Teardrops On My GuitarOur Song FearlessFifteenLove StoryWhite HorseYou Belong with MeThe Best DayChangeBack to DecemberEnchantedRedI Knew You Were TroubleWe Are Never Ever Getting Back TogetherShake It OffSafe & SoundSweeter Than FictionStyle

《1989》是美国女歌手泰勒斯威夫特的第五张录音室专辑,在2014年10月27日由Big Machine唱片公司发行.这张专辑是泰勒的音乐风格从乡村转变为流行的第一张专辑.1 Welcome To New York Taylor Swift,Ryan Tedder 3:322 Blank Space


Dominic Sherwood,两只眼睛颜色不一样

霉霉的歌用绿钻才能听,很幸运我下载了挺多的,比较喜欢的呢反倒是以前的小清新风格,要说欢快现在她转型了就挺多了,比如shake it off,bad blood,style,blank space,welcome to newYork等近几年发的专辑,以前的呢就是22,red,I know you were trouble当然还有超级多,red是我一直很喜欢的,家人大爱呐~

taylor在2017年没有上维密秀哦,不过上了的节目包括snl,jimmy fallon的late night show以及siriusfm的电台表演~ 谢谢采用哦~


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