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1 I and American contract price required delivery time by FOB for 3-4 in 2000, but by April 30th, the buyer designated vessel has not arrived at the harbour, results. In May 7th in the warehouse fire and total fire loss, the risk borne by whom?.2 I am a

1.We have experienced quite a lot this year.I appreciate the fortune and happiness you once brought to me.I do not know why our love turn bad.I just know you still love me.Though there more conflicts between us than before.


Mind is your shadow, miss you, how to do? I can't control myself, who can help me? Everyone can't help me! I will hold on, because you are my motive force and the goal!

还好还好,专业词汇不是很多.帮你一个字一个字的敲出来了,希望帮上忙^^Engineering is a profession, which means that an engineer must have a specialized university education. Many government jurisdictions also have licensing procedures

二. Fees (in RMB) 1. Brazil VIP membership fee 6600 / year. This is what I regard to pricing, the final price is equal to my company's pricing and the pricing Gabassi. 2. Brazil's yellow pages services to customers in 25 languages, the price by my

On the corporate governance community-based model -- Wuhan bit Pavilion Gardens Community Research [Abstract] China since the 1990s in the 20th century set off an upsurge of community building, As a result, many different types of treatment


The survival of their homes to protect our earth ---- Teachers, good morning! The title of my speech today is "to protect our lives, the Earth ----" once we have large areas of the earth on the green and pleasant weather, all kinds of rare birds and

【参考翻译】Install 1. Will this dryer base bored after, erect in plastic injection moulding machine feeding port, tightening bolt connection with fixed, and set good grounding wires. Connect the ac 2. Three-phase four wire 380/220v. 50Hz. Will


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