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工厂开始放假 英文

As the spring festival is coming in one month, the factory has many orders set to be finished before the festival, added up with many of the workers will leave for their home earlier, I am afraid this order could be shipped onl...

The year and factory started off 23

The factory is still on holiday, The will re-start on the 10th of Feb, 2014. Therefore, I can not get any information about the goods. They are not able to prepare for the vessel scheculed on the 14th of Feb, so the shipment wi...

we already start the holiday, and plan to arrange the shipment when we're back from the Spring Festival

工厂休息通知 The notice of the factory's rest The notice on time off of the factory/plant

由于周六周日工厂放假,所以48小时发货,请理解 Because the factory have a holiday on Sunday, on Saturday so 48 hours to deliver goods, please understand

because the factory is off work today, i can't confirm this information for you until tomorrow

英文原文: All staff have one day off for Dragon boat festival. 英式音标: [ɔːl] [stɑːf] [hæv] [wʌn] [deɪ] [ɒf] [fɔː; fə] [ˈdræg(ə)n] [bəʊt] [ˈfest...

if i can't give you a direct answer before five o'clock this afternoon.(你应该是下午吧) we will send goods to you after chinese new year, because the factory is going to have holiday. the goods will arrive tomorrow. 应该是国际...

Because of the Spring Festival, in January 18th my company will be put on a long holiday, in order not to affect the delivery, please order as soon as possible. 希望能够帮助到您。


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